Anjunaa Beach 2011

Anjunaa Beach movie Based on Real Story of the Murder of British teenager Scarlet in Goa at Anjunaa Beach on 18th February 2008.

Movie Directed by Shakeel S Sai and Produce by Sikandar Khan. According to Shakeel, I wanted to make a movie either on Arushi Talwar, Jessica Lall or Scarlet. and I finally choose Scarlet, because no one has tried to give Justice to a foreign woman killed in India.

The film also boasts of a cast comprising veteran actors Kiran Kumar as lawyer Jackie Fernandes (Vikram Varma), Amita Nangia, Ramesh Goel, Iranian actress Farhanaaz Khan as Maria (Fiona). and the Nataliya Kozhenova is introduced as Jessica (Scarlet). Movie Release date is 29 July 2011.

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