2016 Lauren Gottlieb Judges Beauty Pageant Princess India

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Lauren Gottlieb Judges Beauty Pageant Princess India 2016 for Blind girls was held in Mumbai on 7 & 8 November 2016 organized by Samir Mansuri of Blind’s Dream in association with National Association for the Blind- India. Lauren Gottlieb, Romit Raj, Anup Soni, Rehana Ghai, Sanjay from Sujata & Sanjay Design studio to encourage the girls. Judges for the rounds comprised of Designer Nisha Sagar, Creative Director Dipali Gautam, Madhu, Smilie Suri, Photojournalist Mrudula Varaskar, Madhu, Meghna Ghai Puri and Desh Gautam. 42 Girls from various states of India Participated in the event. Selected 15 Girls will be travelling to Mumbai in January for the Finale of this Pageant.