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I’ve Never Watched Reality Show ‘Bigg Boss’ – Sapna Bhavnani

4 years ago

Famous Hair Stylish and Makeup Artist Sapna Bhavnani, Who has entered the “Bigg Boss Season 6″ house, but says she is not a TV person and has never watched the reality show.

According to her, “I have no idea who is in the house and I never asked who all are in the house. I love surprises and I want to be surprised. I am a person who does not watch TV neither do I read newspapers,” Sapna told IANS before entering the house Sunday.

But According to Sources, She is doing awesome job in this house, and She’ll take a long way to live in bigg boss house.

Pooja Mishra Out From The Bigg boss House Season 5

5 years ago

More then six times was nominated Contestant of the Bigg Boss Season 5 House Pooja Mishra Finally evicted from the house without Nomination. She has evicted after violation rules of bigg boss. Pooja Mishra is known to pick up fights with every participant in the Bigg Boss 5 house, thrown out of Big Boss 5 on Saturday.

Reports said that Pooja slapped Siddharth, the physical assault is against the rules of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house was asked to leave. The lady famous for losing her temper entered a heated argument with Bhardwaj.

According to the official statement, “It had just been a couple of days since Sky declared to Sidharth about Pooja Mishra having a soft corner for him, but it seems like Pooja Mishra’s ego overpowered her soft corner and she could not help hating Sidharth more than ever. Her violence towards Sidharth resulted in her being asked to leave the Bigg Boss house.”

“We wish that the other contestants inside the house take this by an example and will now have a total control over their avid reactions,” concluded the official statement.

Update: Pooja Bedi also out of the Bigg Boss House through the Nominations,

According to our users reviews, Nobody can imagine that, Pooja bedi could out of the house against Mahek Chachal or Siddharth Bhardwaj. May be She is out the house only for make her daughter’s birthday. And Soon She’ll back in bigg boss house through Wild card. Anyway Who knows? House Much reality in Reality Shows. By the way Please don’t take personal of these reviews. It’s just a thought.

Twitter News: KRK wants to marry Porn-star Sunny Leone!

5 years ago

Well I think its really breaking and exclusive news for all the KRK fans and millions of gorgeous girls, who really like KRK for his personality and handsome look that, KRK wants to marry porn-star Sunny Leone. In his latest Twit, He write that, “I want to marry with Sunny Leone so pls somebody helps me for contact nos. of her parents”.

The filmmaker-actor is smitten by her beauty. “I just watched a video of Sunny Leone n must say my God what a body and lips she is having. Fantastic, mind blowing. She is hoor,” he tweeted, adding, “I request to Bigg Boss that pls don’t edit footage of beautiful hot sexy Leone. Let ppl watch her properly. She is best thing happened 2 BB.(sic)”

News about Leone joining Bollywood has also started doing the rounds. It is speculated that she has been approached by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt to star in the third installment of Murder. Though, there has been no confirmation from either Bhatt or Leone, KRK has taken the news quite seriously. “Pls somebody inform Mahesh Bhutt sahab to not look for Sunny. She will do only my film and opposite me only. She is my love,” wrote the Deshdrohi actor.

Apart from KRK, Sunny Leone is featuring prominently on the timeline of other men and women. Satbir Singh tweeted, “Mahesh Bhatt casting Sunny Leone in Murder 3. Does this mean Emraan Hashmi finally gets to go beyond a lousy smooch?”

Ramesh Srivats wrote, “Dhak Dhak | Kaun Hai? | Sunny Leone | Kaun Leone? | Arrey. Saara sheher mujhe Leone ke naam se jaanta hai.”

Anticipating the fun people are going to have, watching tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss, when the porn-star will be seen entering the house, Nagaraj Acharya wrote, “Dei how is poor Sunny Leone expected to last long when women will vote her out and men can’t vote to save her because their hands are busy.”

Bigg Boss 5, till now, has been the most boring of all seasons and the makers are hoping to get the TRPs soaring by having the porn-star under house-arrest.

Welcome To Bigg Boss 5 New House (Exclusive Pictures)

5 years ago

Reality TV Show Bigg Boss is Back with Season 5, and it’s confirmed that Bollywood Superstar ‘Sanjay Dutt’ and ‘Salman Khan’ will be hosting the show together. Which will be aired on Colors from 2 October 2011 to 7 January 2012. According to the Sources, Salman Khan may host only the first two episodes later Sanjay Dutt will take over as the host. Anyway It’s not a official report, So I’m not sure about this. But Yaa, I have few exclusive pictures of Bigg Boss Season 5. Check this Out:

Bigg Boss Season 5 Pictures Gallery:


Bigg Boss contestant Shikha Thakur’s expose Photoshoot

5 years ago

Well Do you know this Hottest chick Shikha Thakur, have you ever seen her before, if not, then watch Last year Bigg Boss Season 4 Episodes, where she is looking totally fake, but now she is back in action. Watch her latest show off Photoshoot, where she is exposing herself as much as she can show her publicity. Well as we have seen in the bigg boss 4 that, she can do anything for make herself popular. Now She is ready for this. Anyway who cares? watch this hottest photoshoot.